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The ultimate post-hair removal care. This serum-soaked finger mitt soothes irritation and eradicates bumps, resulting in clear skin. Made with clean ingredients, it's dermatologically and gynecologically tested, so you can use it anywhere from head to toe.

Ingrown Eliminator

  • What: A single-use, power packed, on-the-go spot solution wipe. 12 wipes come in a box.

    Where: You can use Ingrown Eliminator all over, on any bumps or ingrowns that need combatting. Just be sure to avoid your eyes. 

    How: Simply tear open a wipe packet, remove the wipe and massage it anywhere onto any irritation, redness or ingrowns. Throw it away once you're done. 

    When: We recommend using Ingrown Eliminator wherever your skin feels irritated or whenever ingrowns appear, as often as neccessary. 

  • Willow Bark Extract: A natural form of salicylic acid, this astringent penetrates the pores and clears oil buildup to prevent inflammation.

    Lactic Acid: A powerful alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that breaks the bonds between the skin cells to enhance the skin's natural moisturizing abilities and brighten uneven skin tone.

    Witch Hazel: An antimicrobial astringent packed with tannins that tightens pores, reduces oil production while conditioning the skin and reducing redness.

    Aloe: An antimicrobial cold pressed juice that restores suppleness to the skin, and gently hydrates to prevent irritation.

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