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facial treatments.

Ultimate Customized Facial

This 1 hour facial is fully customized to your skincare needs. Includes a double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme, extractions (if needed), high frequency, facial massage, custom mask, finishing products.


Mini Facial

Want some relaxation on your lunch break? This 30 minute facial includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, custom mask & finishing products.



Ultimate Dermaplaning Facial

Follow up your dermaplaning service with a customized facial including a fruit enzyme exfoliation, custom mask and finishing products.


Luxe Glow

Get your glow on! Includes deep cleanse, dermaplaning, oxygen deep pore cleanse, ultrasonic extractions, oxygen skin regenerative peel, hydrojelly mask, finishing products.


Acne Detox Treatment

Includes oxygen deep pore cleanse, acne peel or enzyme treatment, ultrasonic extractions, high frequency, custom hydrojelly mask and finishing products. Perfect for acne-prone skin.



Oxygen Protein Face Lift

Includes dermaplaning, exfoliating enzyme, Super Protein Lift Masque, scalp & neck massage, hydrojelly mask, hand or foot treatment, finishing products. Treatment helps lift and tighten, increase collagen, brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of large pores while also decreasing fine lines/wrinkles.


chemical peels.

Pre-Chemical Peel Prep (REQURIED)

This is a required appointment to start more advanced chemical peels. This service includes a basic peel, which is the first step to properly prep the skin. Minimal to no peeling. You will also go home with travel/trial sized products necessary to use. You will also get a better understanding of a chemical peel and I will walk you through the best treatment plan for your skin. Start your life changing skin journey NOW!



Chemical Peel

Must book Pre-Chemical Peel Prep first.

Uses chemical exfoliation to help with fine lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, texture, acne, acne scarring and more! There are several different chemical peels that your esthetician, ME, will choose at the time of your appointment that best suits your skin. There is downtime with this treatment. Consists of mild-advanced peeling. A series is best recommended for the best results.





This is a physical exfoliation procedure that gently removes vellus "peach fuzz" hair and dead skin cells that are causing fine lines, texture difference and a dull appearance. No downtime.


Dermaplaning + 

Hydrojelly Mask

Follow up your dermaplaning service with a custom hydrojelly mask (a client favorite).


Dermaplaning + Oxygen Peel

Combine dermaplaning with a basic peel. The Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel uses chemical exfoliation with 5% Lactic Acid to brighten, firm, tone and immediately reveal baby smooth, youthful skin. Minimal to no peeling. Hydrojelly mask included.


eyelash services.

Full Set of Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid - natural full look

Volume - dramatic look


Eyelash Extensions Removal

A gentle gel remover is applied to eyelash extensions for a safe, pain-free removal.


Lash Lift

Temporary perm for your natural lashes. Lasts 6-8 weeks. Black eyelash tint can be applied afterwards for a dark mascara look.


$85 - with tint


Brow Love

Service includes brow wax, trim, tweeze and finishes off with a brow highlight and brow fill to give the brows a completed look.


Brow Love + Hybrid Tint

Combine a brow wax, trim, and tweeze with a hybrid tint. Hybrid tint is more pigmented and potent in color. Finished off with a brow highlight to make those brows POP.


Hybrid Brow Tint

 Hybrid tint is more pigmented and potent in color, resulting in a longer lasting result on the brow hairs. "Filled in" look lasts up to 7 days on the skin and on hairs for up to 5-7 weeks.


Brow Lamination + Brow Wax

Service that positions brows into desired shape and them permed into place that gives brows a fuller, more voluminous shape for 6-8 weeks. Brow wax, trim, tweeze included + brow highlight.


Brow Lamination + Wax + Tint

Service that positions brows into desired shape and them permed into place that gives brows a fuller, more voluminous shape for 6-8 weeks. Brow wax, trim, tweeze included + brow tint + highlight.


full body waxing.


Facial Waxing



Brows - $18

Chin - $15

Nose - $15

Upper Lip - $15

Sideburns - $20

Hairline - $18

Cheeks - $20

Full Face - $55


Body Waxing



Underarms - $25

Half Legs - $55

Half Arms - $40

Full Arms - $50

Full Stomach - $45

Half Back - $45

Full Back - $65

Front of Neck - $20

Back of Neck - $23

Bikini Line - $40

Bikini Full - $50

Brazilian - $60

Brazilian + Jelly Mask - $70

The Brazilian Works - $105

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